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Marcy Kelly is a vibrant Life Coach certified by Lifeforming Leadership Coaching. Marcy has a B.A. in Psychology and a certificate in Human Resource Management from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. She is also a certified trainer using Personality Puzzle, a personality inventory.

Marcy has been coaching women for over 13 years. Marcy’s coaching clients include realtors, lawyers, teachers, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms, Presidents of companies, career women, and volunteers. Her broad experience allows her to coach women from many backgrounds. She is an information-giver, educator, accountability partner, and encourager.

Her own refining life experiences include emerging from two devastating events. Widowed by cancer as a young mother and again 15 years later, she is now married to a man whose sense of humor allows him to be “husband number three.”


International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Lifeforming Leadership Coaching


Professional or Personal Coaching Fits Easily Into Your Lifestyle It’s convenient.

Most coaching sessions take place over the phone and can be done from anywhere in the nation. You won’t have to leave your office or home, get dressed up, find a baby-sitter, or battle traffic.

It’s empowering. Your coach doesn’t spoon feed you the answers to life. Through a series of carefully selected action steps, you make important discoveries about yourself, your values, your desires, and your relationships. These discoveries help you clarify your thinking and make the choices that are best for your life as you move closer to your goals.

It’s affordable. The first session is FREE with no obligation to continue. However, you will probably want to continue with Marcy as your coach when you realize this investment in your life can bring tremendous personal, relational and professional rewards!

Personal Services: A Life Coach gives you just the help you need to define and reach the right goals for your life ranging from career decisions to relationships. As your personal coach, I can help you learn what you need to know to:

— Boost your personal lifestyle

— Boost your career

— Identify personal, professional or educational goals and take action to reach them

— Maximize your 24 hours

— Get along with difficult people

— Discover your Motivational Gifting and Personality Type

— Rid yourself of defeatist thinking that sabotages forward movement

— Integrate your personal and professional life so that you THRIVE, NOT JUST SURVIVE

Business Services: As your business coach, we can work together to:

— Determine if a prospective employee would be a good fit in your company

— Refine your administrative processes and business systems for greater efficiency

— Defuse employee conflict

— Improve your marketing style

— Hold team-building exercises to increase cohesiveness and productivity

— Help your employees become a TEAM

Is Professional or Personal Life Coaching Right For You? 

Coaching F.A.Q.’s Life Coaching for Women with Marcy Kelly


Marcy Kelly - Womens Life Coach and Motivational Speaker


In order to move ahead in business or life, we must all take risks. Some women are “risk averse” and want no part of taking any risk. Others are “unmitigated risk-takers” who hold their noses, close their eyes, and jump in. Still others try to evaluate risks but have no systematic way of doing so. “Taking the Fear Out of Taking a Risk” will demystify risk by shining light on the fear of making a wrong decision and the folly of taking unnecessary risks as you enjoy learning how to make a calculated risk.

Please contact Marcy at to schedule this workshop for your group or to find out when this workshop will be held in your area.


Have you ever wondered why the same situation throws one person into a panic and barely raises an eyebrow of someone else? Why does one person do so well in sales while another cringes at the thought of having to sell something? Why do some people need to be alone while others always need people around? Why do some people need to control every situation while others seem to have few preferences?

It’s as simple as personality type! By identifying and understanding your personality type, you can improve your relationships, better appreciate and use your strengths, confront your weaknesses and

Each workshop attendee will have the opportunity to complete a Personality Puzzle inventory and will be eligible to schedule a FREE telephone coaching session to discuss her inventory results or another coaching topic.

Please contact Marcy at to schedule this workshop for your group or to find out when this workshop will be held in your area.


Whether you are married, widowed, divorced, or never married, life can be down right difficult sometimes. Losses come in many forms: losing a job; being widowed or divorced; loss of a friendship; moving to a new area; not being accepted by a certain college; sickness; or any other rejection. In good and bad circumstances, what you do with your life is up to you. You can choose to leave sunshine or ugliness in your tracks.

In, YOUR TURN TO CHOOSE, I will teach you how to move through loss into the rest of your life.

We will discuss:

  • The importance of grieving all losses, no matter how small
  • How to make grieving a stage rather than a destination
  • How to react to the things other people say
  • Special times with God

You will learn 14 action steps to help you move through loss into the rest of your life!

Please contact Marcy at to schedule this talk for your group or to find out when this talk will be given in your area.


When I hired you as my business coach, I knew you had the experience to guide me on an accelerated path back to the career success I once enjoyed. I never dreamed your wisdom and knowledge would help propel me through this difficult transition on a personal level as well. Marcy, you have an incredible talent in delivering not what I wanted to hear, but what I so desperately needed to hear. Your kind, thoughtful and respectful approach opened my heart and my ears to the advice I was searching for in both my personal and professional life.

C. W.

Senior Loan Officer, Reston, VA

Your coaching has kept me focused on what is important in life while allowing me to grow as a person. Thanks.

C. A. S., Special Ed Teacher

Raleigh, NC

I just wanted to take the time and share with you how much your coaching impacted my life. You were able to look at all aspects of my life, my business and relationships and offer sound counsel. You streamlined those areas that needed to be dealt with and gave a sound action plan toward real change. Now, a few years since the coaching, I smile, seeing how much your coaching truly helped with major life decisions. I am in a better, healthier, and freer place. Thank you for your frankness, your ability to shed light on the truth and genuinely make an impact that changed lives. The world is a far richer place because of you.

E. C.

Business Owner

Marcy, I could not have gotten here without you.

M. S., Marketing Rep

Chicago, IL

Marcy is a discerning encourager who gave me insight into a career decision that kept me in my present profession yet reassured me as to my calling to it. My heart is settled once again, and my outlook in my job is positive.

E. M. L.

Realtor, Arlington, VA

Marcy Kelly coached me in my business and professional life for a period of six months. Her ability to comprehend quickly my situation and begin to offer solutions made the coaching experience efficient and valuable. Marcy possesses a broad understanding of human behavior and motivations. She shares her knowledge generously.

B. D.

Mary Kay Consultant, Alexandria, VA

I am always inspired to get things done after talking to you. Thanks for helping me stay on track!

D. N.

President and CEO, Houston, TX

Thank you so much for your guidance and words of wisdom. I’ve truly grown and appreciate you and the many discussions we’ve had over the years. Thank you for providing me with tools and resources to move forward.

K. C.


I’ve told so many people about my journey which started with you. You helped me more than I could ever imagine.

N. A.

Mom and Barista


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Coaching sessions take place over the phone and can be done from anywhere in the nation.

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