What is Coaching and Do I Need a Coach?

Coaches are everywhere today. There are all sorts of coaches including financial coaches, business coaches, life coaches, as well as sports coaches.  I am a Life Coach.  So you may ask, “What is a life coach and how is life coaching done?” A Life Coach is someone who walks along side you in your life transitions. Whether you want to learn about organizing your life, discuss parenting techniques, enhance your marriage, decide on a new career, or enhance your new business, I can help.  Basically, I help women define their goals and reach them in whatever area of their lives they need help. I encourage my clients as well as hold them accountable to do the things they agree to do.  I coach over the telephone so, often, I never meet my clients in person or know what they look like.  I provide collaborative information but I don’t just spoon feed the client answers. The first session is always free. During that session, I start by listening to what the woman I am coaching has to say about her concerns.  I ask questions to clarify my understanding of her concerns and then I tell her how I would coach her to meet the goal she has identified.  If she doesn’t have a solid goal in mind, I discuss how we would work to

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