Coaching FAQ’s: Working with Marcy The Coach


As a new coaching client, where would we start?

Defining the goal each client wants to reach is the first step in coaching.  Women often aren’t sure which path to take in life.  Although they may be successful in many areas, Marcy helps them walk through the steps necessary to reach one goal at a time rather than being scattered in their efforts and never really moving out of the circle from which they want to escape.

What kind of coaching does Marcy do?

Although Marcy usually coaches career women regarding their careers and other areas of their lives, Marcy also coaches widows, divorced women, and single women to move from whatever stage of life they are in to where they would like to be.  Some women may need to learn how to grieve their losses, forgive, and move to the next stage in their lives. The key here is to move “through” the grief or loss into the next stage of your life.

Does Marcy help women learn about dating and moving to a happier life?

Those who have always been single and wish to be happier in the single life and those who wish to be more comfortable with the dating scene look to Marcy to help them detect the blind spots in their lives and move ahead.  Since Marcy has had to start over twice as an adult single person, she has learned the “do’s” and “don’ts” of being happy where you are in life and deciding what you want to do with your life in the future.  The key to Marcy’s success in helping women move through loss and/or disappointment with life is Marcy’s ability to ask questions and bring to the client’s attention ways to move out of the unhappy slump and into her desired life.

Has Marcy ever written a book?  

In her book, From Sorrow to Dancing, Marcy portrays the emotions, thoughts, actions and experiences of widows as they struggle through the aftermath of losing a spouse while she tells her own story of being widowed twice. Widowed by cancer as a young mother and again 15 years later, she is now married to a man whose sense of humor allows him to be “husband number three.”

What are Marcy’s credentials?

Marcy Kelly is a Life Coach certified by Lifeforming Leadership Coaching.  Marcy has a B.A. in Psychology and a certificate in Human Resource Management from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County where she graduated Cum Laude. She is also a certified trainer using Personality Puzzle, a personality inventory.

Marcy’s memberships include the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Lifeforming Leadership Coaching.

Why did Marcy go into coaching?

After being widowed for the second time, Marcy needed a new start in life.  She talked to a Career Coach and during the questioning process; Marcy found that her passion was to mentor women.  The Career Coach with whom Marcy was working introduced her to Coaching and told her what it would take to be a Certified Coach.  Marcy realized that without knowing it, she had been training all her life to be a Coach.  On her bookshelves at home, Marcy already had 54 books, which she had read, that applied to some type of coaching.

To begin her formal coach training, Marcy began attending coaching seminars and found that Lifeforming Leadership Coaching, a Christian coaching organization, offered the courses she needed to become a Certified Coach.  After more than a year of coach training, Marcy was certified as a Coach through Lifeforming Leadership Coaching.  She has been a professional coach since 2002.

Why does Marcy call herself a “Life” coach?

Marcy is a “life” coach because she walks along side of her clients throughout any area of their lives in which they are dissatisfied.  She works with clients to achieve a good work/life balance.  Marcy has coached women to lose weight, de-clutter their homes, find their passions, decide if they should leave their jobs and if they left, what new career they would pursue, decide if they need a break from the lives they are living including where to go and what to do.  Each of Marcy’s clients has come with her own set of needs and desires.  Most come to Marcy because they aren’t satisfied with something in their lives and don’t know how to change.  Sometimes they don’t even know what is causing their dissatisfaction so Marcy helps the client to “define her goals” and then reach them.