Forced to Trust

As I watched her sing and move around the stage, I enjoyed the show.  The singer had an incredible voice and wonderful stage presence.  She used the microphone to the fullest and the crowd cheered at the end of each song.

After the show, I went over to tell her how much I enjoyed her singing.  She was standing with a man who held her arm.  As I spoke to her, I noticed that her head turned to hear my voice before she faced me.  It was then that I noticed the white cane.  As I looked at her beautiful eyes, I realized that they could not see.  Her smile was genuine as she spoke to me but she couldn’t see the smile I was giving her or my delight at meeting her.

I watched her walk away on the gentleman’s arm, tapping her cane in front of her.  How different she looked from the woman who had been moving around the stage, singing, handling the microphone, and talking to the crowd.

As I thought about these two different personas, the entertainer and the blind woman, I began to realize how much she needed to trust.  As the entertainer, she trusted that someone would show her how far she could move before she came to the end of the stage.  Somewhere along the line she had learned that the way she danced looked good and wouldn’t be laughable.  She had to trust that the people in her life were telling her the truth and had her best interest at heart.  I thought of the courage it must take to go onto a stage when you can’t see the crowd.

Regardless of which persona she assumed, the outgoing entertainer or the blind woman with the cane, she was still blind.  I hope to always remember the courage she showed as she entertained.

Although I can see, I don’t know what tomorrow will bring or where the edge of my stage is.  I must continually trust as I hold the arm of my Lord Jesus Christ while He leads me down the path He has for me. On my own, I cannot see the pitfalls any more than the blind entertainer could see the edge of the stage.  The Lord assures me He knows the plans He has for me and that they are for my good and not for harm (Jeremiah 29:11).

Who is guiding you?  Can you trust him?

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