What is Coaching and Do I Need a Coach?

Coaches are everywhere today. There are all sorts of coaches including financial coaches, business coaches, life coaches, as well as sports coaches.  I am a Life Coach.  So you may ask, “What is a life coach and how is life coaching done?”

A Life Coach is someone who walks along side you in your life transitions. Whether you want to learn about organizing your life, discuss parenting techniques, enhance your marriage, decide on a new career, or enhance your new business, I can help.  Basically, I help women define their goals and reach them in whatever area of their lives they need help.

I encourage my clients as well as hold them accountable to do the things they agree to do.  I coach over the telephone so, often, I never meet my clients in person or know what they look like.  I provide collaborative information but I don’t just spoon feed the client answers.

The first session is always free. During that session, I start by listening to what the woman I am coaching has to say about her concerns.  I ask questions to clarify my understanding of her concerns and then I tell her how I would coach her to meet the goal she has identified.  If she doesn’t have a solid goal in mind, I discuss how we would work to determine her goal and then reach it.

Coaching is different from counseling because I don’t diagnose illnesses or do therapy.  I start at what is going on “today” and help the client to move forward from there.  Coaching is for stable individuals who seem “stuck” in their lives and need some help transitioning to the next level of success.  I simply walk along side the client and inspire her to keep moving forward rather than looking at the past.  Coaching provides support and accountability as well as new ideas.

Is coaching for everyone? Coaching is for stable individuals who are motivated to make changes and take a hard look at the choices they will make in the future.  During the initial, free session, I try to determine if the potential client is a good candidate for coaching.  The client must WANT to change and be willing to do what it takes to make changes.  No one can do it for her.

Determining the best coach can be tricky. The relationship between the coach and client is extremely important.  After the third session, you should know if this relationship is going to work.  If there is not a match, move to another coach.

So, does everyone need a coach? I think the answer is, yes, at some time in their lives, everyone will need a coach.

Is this your time to be coached?

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